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Cairns Domestic Cleaners

Cairns domestic cleaning services are proudly provided to residential properties across the Cairns region by the locally owned and operated, Cyclone Nana. Cyclone Nana will bring her own equipment and guarantees a great result. General domestic cleaning services are suitable for:

Cyclone Nana’s Cairns domestic cleaning services can be tailored to suit your needs and budget and she’s happy to provide obligation free quotes. Services include but are not limited to one-off jobs (pre-sale cleans), regular scheduled cleans (weekly or fortnightly) and spring cleans as needed. She’s also happy to do silverware polishing, weeding and watering, feeding the pets and cleaning the family car (not commercial car cleaning please). A comprehensive list of Cyclone Nana’s Cairns domestic cleaning services are provided on this site for easy reference.

Cyclone Nana has competitive rates and offers a complete service package, with exceptional standards of clean. She’s self-sufficient, with modern equipment and quality cleaning products.

Security is not an issue. Cyclone Nana is Blue Card approved and has completed all appropriate security and police checks. You can choose to be at home during the clean or not. Appropriate arrangements will be made to ensure your premises is secure on our departure.

Cyclone Nana’s Cairns General Clean & Domestic Services Check List





Polishing and Pets


Cyclone Nana generally charges $50 per hour. An average (weekly or fortnightly clean) of an average three bedroom home (in reasonable condition) should cost $150 and will not exceed $200. All homes are different. Cyclone Nana is cost effective and time efficient, meaning that underestimates/time overruns are courtesy of Cyclone Nana. Cyclone Nana leaves treats for children and adults to be enjoyed at the end of the day. These are courtesy of Cyclone Nana. If an area has been mistakenly overlooked, or ranks below yours and Cyclone Nana’s standard of excellence, she will return at a time convenient to you and rectify the situation at her expense.

Cyclone Nana comes complete with all cleaning equipment and supplies. Tailor our services to suit your lifestyle and needs. Obligation FREE quotes.

For more information or to get a FREE QUOTE contact Cyclone Nana today on 0402 456 253 or