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Cairns domestic services are just another area that Cyclone Nana is pleased to assist with. Her domestic services include general around the house and garden maintenance work, as opposed to personal support and assistance. Locally owned and operated, Cyclone Nana is pleased to provide:

Why use Cyclone Nana for your Cairns domestic services? Simple. Cyclone Nana takes pride in her work and will treat your house and garden as if it were her own. She is happy to assist with a range of duties, including but not limited to, weeding and watering gardens, polishing silverware, feeding pets and running errands, such as dropping off and picking up dry cleaning and/or mail.

Cairns Domestic Services Check List

Cyclone Nana’s domestic services are all designed to give you back some precious time. They are perfect for busy people, young families and anyone who just needs a hand to get things done. Services include the below, but if you had a special request, then please give us a call on 0402 456 253.


Polishing Silverware



Cyclone Nana’s Cairns domestic services are charged by the hour and quotes are provided, for your specific needs, circumstances and location. If you would like assistance with something and it is not listed above, then please contact Cyclone Nana direct.

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